My Own Brief Project


Project for the Furniture and Project Design course at ELISAVA. Our brief is to pick a target company and design an item of our choice. I picked MUJI and I designed a travel survival kit.

My concept was to create a hand-carry luggage bag that can act as a bag and a mini wardrobe at the same time. It was designed for frequent travellers who value convenience during their trip. With this bag, they don't have to unpack anything during their travels. Travellers can pack 2 days worth of daily necessities (2 T-shirts, amenities, passport, laptop, make-up etc.) into the bag and transform it into a "closet" by hanging it on a hanger in the hotel. Even if their big luggage got lost in the flight, this bag could still act as a survival kit. The bag is customizable and compartmentalised. Users are free to detach and attach pouches of different sizes onto the velcro strips. The double-zipper design also makes the bag anti-theft, which is great for travels.


Role: Designer

Skills: Product Design, Design Process, Prototyping