Brand Identity for Tapa BCN


Project for the Graphic Design and Typography course at ELISAVA. The brief was to create the brand identity for a restaurant named Tapa BCN (Barcelona), a restaurant that serves Tapas (a traditional Spanish dish) in San Antonio, a middle class neighborhood. We started the project with a market research. We went to San Antonio recording the average tapa price, interviewing people in the area and restaurant owners, and with the data finalised the target audience: middle class newly-wed couples who are willing to try out new things. 

Then, we started thinking of a concept of our brand. Through sketching out logo ideas, I gradually developed the concept as I refined the logo. A typical tapa is composed of several ingredients put together with a toothpick. So I thought of the concept as "breaking down ingredients and putting together a dish". 

Working with this concept, I came up with the idea of cutting food into small pieces and putting them together into the shape of the food. This idea was applied further into the design of the logo, symbol, and placemats. 

Since the image of the restaurant focuses more on food, I decided to emphasise on the food colors, and shapes. The design of the delivery motorcycle, the front of the restaurant, and table setup stayed minimalist.

Role: Designer

Skills: Brand Identity Design, Design Process, Photoshop, Market Research

Credits: Tramontina Knife Advertisements