Hotel Amenities Project


Project for the Packaging Design course at ELISAVA. The brief was to design a set of hotel amenities for a hotel of our choice in Barcelona. The design includes the primary and secondary packaging of a set of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel.

We set our target to be a hipster hotel attracting customers who are young, fresh, and adventurous business men and women. We recognised that businessmen, when they are on a business trip, usually don't have time to travel outside from the hotel. So we decided that it's important to educate them about what "Barcelona" means. In Catalan (the language that they speak in Barcelona), Barcelona actually means BAR (bar), CEL (sky), ONA (waves). We decided to incorporate that into the design.

With research, we chose to use simple line elements, along with colors to represent the concept. For BAR, we chose magenta because it is a color related to night life and disco lights. The shape of the lines resemble that of sound wave or beats. For CEL, we chose orange as "sky" reminds us of Barcelona's beautiful sunset. The shape of the lines resemble that of clouds. For ONA, we chose cyan as it is the color of the waves. We also designed the pattern to be like waves.


Role: Designer

Collaborator: Patricia Viader

Skills: Product Design, Design Process, Prototyping

For the entire design process and final presentation, please view THIS PDF.