Founder and Frontend Lead for SwatCoRe


I worked with Razi Shaban and Gabriela Brown to rebuild SwatCoRe ( We migrated the app to Ruby on Rails running on Heroku and reworked the frontend based on the feedback we got from the old version. 

My Role: Founder, Frontend Developer, Designer

Skills utilised: HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon EC2


Old Version:

I worked with Peng Zhao to develop the SwatCoRe project ( SwatCoRe is a web app for course review for Swarthmore College students. It is designed so that students can look up courses more easily than the official course listing site, and also provide the functionality for them to review classes. Unlike that focuses on rating the professor, we organize the classes in a class + professor way, so that students can better understand the performance of the teacher in individual classes. Also in a way it's nicer to the professors. :)

The frontend is written in HTML / CSS and Javascript. We wrote Python scripts to scrape the courses and course descriptions from the site. We used ParseDB for the backend. It also provides user sign up / log in support. The website is running on Amazon EC2. 


My Role: Founder, Frontend Developer, Designer

Skills utilized: HTML / CSS, sass, Javascript, jQuery, Photoshop, Python, ParseDB, Amazon EC2