Identity Designer for Type Exhibition


This is a project for the class Graphic and Typography Design at ELISAVA. Type is a typography conference in Barcelona held annually at CCCB. The theme for this year is "Future". I am responsible for designing a poster and a T-shirt for the exhibition. The concept is the discontinuation from the past.

We had to print out the word "Type" in a chosen typography, and then place it on the copying machine to create a unique image for the poster. Below is the process of design. I have experimented with different techniques to move the paper across the copying machine to create different images. I used the typography PT Sans after several experimentation.

The end image I chose best matches with the theme, "Future". The black space symbolises a discontinuation of typography from the past, that typography is moving into a new era.


My Role: Graphic Designer

Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop